This Handsome, Playful Boy Might Be the Purr-fect Buddy for You!

November 1, 2023


Buddy is a very sweet, outgoing kitty looking for a home in the Los Angeles area. He loves meeting new people and he’s hoping that when he meets you, you’ll be bringing him home!

Buddy truly loves socializing with other cats, so his ideal home would have another friendly cat for him to hang out with. His foster family has resident cats who he loves to cuddle, play and socialize with. Buddy just adores other cats, even bigger grumpy ones who don’t match his enthusiasm. As far as humans go, he loves making new friends and he also does well with young children. He enjoys getting pets, playtime and treats. You’ll soon agree that Buddy is a well-mannered, adorable little guy!

On a typical day, Buddy spends his morning playing a game of tag with his feline friends, followed by playtime with his people. He loves any and all types of toys—hours of entertainment can be found just from a drinking straw or piece of paper. Later in the afternoon, it’ll be time to cuddle and relax by the window. Once it’s the evening, Buddy loves to be on your lap while you watch TV. Then he’ll be found playing on the bed, and he’ll cuddle up right next to you when it’s time to sleep.


Buddy experiences signs of a chronic upper respiratory infection (similar to a common cold in humans), but this does not slow him down! He’s still very playful, has a great appetite and loves to cuddle. He often has mild discharge from his eye or nose and may occasionally require medication, which he accepts without complaint. Our Adoption Team would be happy to share more information about Buddy’s medical history and any future care.

Buddy would love to spend time with you and he’ll put a smile on your face every time you see him! If you’d like to add Buddy to your family, just head over to his profile to submit an application!