Practice Your Poses with This Little Yogi by Your Side!

November 2, 2023


Yogi is a wonderful little pup in New York City who is seeking his very own guru. Are you the one who will show him the way?

Yogi is a compact, three-legged dog who has plenty of pep in his step! When he’s in an affectionate mood, he enjoys a good petting session and snuggling up with you, but he can be sensitive around loud sounds and being handled. Reading his body language and working with him by pairing touch with treats will be key for his journey. Yogi’s ideal adopter is someone with dog training experience and who can give him the structure he needs to be his best canine self.


Yogi is also working on being less materialistic in this world. He loves his toys so much that he might show possessive behavior with them. When it comes to his prized items, he’s learning that sharing is caring, so it’s important to trade with him for something else he loves, like a tasty treat. If this behavior continues in the home, we recommend working with a professional trainer. After all, life is a journey of self-improvement, and Yogi is ready to put in the work with his new family—especially if it means getting some yummy cheese in the process!

Yogi would do best in a home with teens and up, and with an adopter who has dog training experience. He would need to meet other dogs one-on-one first—our staff would love to help make introductions! It’s unknown how Yogi would do with cats. A Matchmaker can also offer you tips to set Yogi up for success!

Do you live in the tri-state area and are ready to perfect your Upward-Facing Dog with Yogi? Learn more about how to adopt him by visiting his profile!